Let us Help in the Development Process

We find the pieces to your puzzle and put them together.

Thoroughbred Capital Partners assists in the development process by bringing all of the resources together to reconfigure real estate assets in a broad spectrum of solutions.

For landowners and others not experienced with the process, the task of maximizing value and retaining as much of that value as possible can be daunting.  Landowners can avoid diluting their interests by engaging the Company to assist them in securing entitlements, subdividing and selling parcels, constructing improvements, and providing appropriate debt and equity for the project. The Company’s compensation is structured so that its incentive is to maximize value for the property owner, and, unlike most joint ventures, the sponsor retains title to, and control of its property throughout the process.

Many investors hold assets that have excess land or are underutilized in some other way. The Firm can assist investors in capitalizing on these features to maximize value through the addition of improvements or the spin-off of assets in the most profitable way.

For developers, the Company can bring expertise and capital to support a developer’s efforts to execute any part of the development process. This assistance allows a developer to focus on the parts of the development process that most effectively utilize its skills and time while outsourcing to the Company the task of executing other elements, such as the procurement of equity and debt capital.

......the top of the field of expertise. I am at a loss to think of anyone better. ~ G Linge


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