Capital Development and Investment Funds


As a premier consultancy and advisory firm, we provide clients with expert advice, innovative solutions, outstanding execution and comprehensive access to the world’s capital markets.

Considering the extensive backgrounds of the Thoroughbred Principals in the banking, financing, and institutional management fields, the Firm is well qualified to identify and procure capital of all kinds to facilitate the successful completion of assignments. These services are usually performed as part of a larger set of tasks. In some cases however, the Firm may focus strictly on the capital formation needs of a client.

Because of the broad nature of its contacts and experience, Thoroughbred arranges equity and debt capital across the entire risk spectrum. This includes mortgage debt, mezzanine debt, conventional equity capital, collateral enhancements, and co-investment equity. As is the case with investments, the Firm brings this expertise to its clients as an advisor or as a principal, not as a broker. As appropriate, the Company may invest its capital or the capital of its principals alongside the capital of its clients.

We do things so that you don’t have to.

Thoroughbred first thoroughly analyzes each client’s issues in the context of that client’s goals and circumstances. In response to that analysis, the Firm custom-builds teams and develops organizations to add value to each client’s unique situation by solving problems and providing expertise. The needs of the client are the driving force for the makeup of each client team. To the extent required by the client for each situation, Thoroughbred develops a plan for success, coordinates the activities of the team members, provides oversight of the program, and serves as a single point of communication with the client until the objectives are achieved.

The Thoroughbred Team brings to bear on the needs of their clients the experience derived from their involvement in a broad range of activities. While the following is by no means all-inclusive, the endeavors of the partners include the acquisition of more than $1 billion in real estate, and the arranging of financing of assets and projects exceeding more than $200 billion.  The Thoroughbred Partners have created, expanded, and/or operated numerous enterprises in the areas of real estate finance, brokerage, investment management, and development on behalf of well-known public and private companies as well as for themselves. The Company strives to utilize the lessons learned from these experiences to devise tailor-made solutions that address the needs of its clients in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Because of the extensive experience of the Partners of Thoroughbred in the areas of real estate operations, finance, and management, the Partners may fulfill many of the elements of each assignment personally. However, some situations may require the specialized skills of other highly qualified professionals, such as engineers, land planners, and architects. In these instances, the Firm has routinely worked with such professionals and will effectively communicate the client’s needs to them. Upon client approval, the Company acts on behalf of its client to engage these specialists, direct their activities, monitor their work product, and integrate the results into the overall effort to create value.


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