Thoroughbred Capital Partners provides various real estate and investment consulting services including:

Acquisitions          Build-to-Suits Monetization
Capital Structuring Development Securitized Investments
Business Advisory Collateral Enhancement Guaranteed Investment Agreements

..... gives an A+ performance. Focused, driven, and constantly getting the job done. ~ E Scott

Clients face a plethora of decisions and obstacles in planning and financing future and current real estate, economic development and public work project needs. Most capital expenditure decisions by clients are, in reality, financial decisions. Once a client concludes it needs a particular asset in order to operate effectively and meet their needs, the project decision has been made. The next decision is strictly financial.

The Thoroughbred process of deploying capital is more than just a cost-effective alternative to investing in commercial real estate. It is a capital management tool that allows corporations and municipalities to use and control essential real estate assets without employing prohibitive amounts of debt and equity capital in an illiquid, poorly perceived asset class. We remove the obstacles by:

  • Eliminating the need for debt/bond financing for investment grade entities.
  • Removing the requirement for equity out of pocket investment for investment grade entities.
  • Bypassing the need for time consuming referendum votes.
  • Making capital available in as little as 60-90 days from application and approval.
  • Removing limitations of the amount of financing from bonding capacity limits.
  • Eliminating concerns related to long term finance costs and interest rate fluctuations.
  • Unlock capital trapped in under-performing real estate that is otherwise illiquid.

....makes the toughest challenges seem simple. Always exceeds my expectations. ~ J Oyler
For investment grade clients Thoroughbred assumes the financial liability of the project costs and the client retains freedom and full control over the property or asset just as they would in ownership. The only requirement and obligation of the client is a lease for real estate assets or an annual contract service payment for non-real estate assets. These payments are considered part of the client's operating budget instead of long term liability/debt.
Thoroughbred offers a unique structured finance program for its non-investment grade clients. One hundred percent finance programs are available for select projects. Construction to permanent loans with single digit interest rates and no personal recourse are available. Our interest is unrestricted and we have an interest in projects on a global basis.
.....provides excellent opportunities for acquisition that transpire through good business practices and lead to lasting working relationships. ~ H Wilson, GMAC

.....provides excellent opportunities for acquisition that transpire through good business practices and lead to lasting working relationships. ~ H Wilson, GMAC


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